October 15, 2010

People don't know truth even if it hits them in the nuts

I've been away for a long time. Sole reason because I'm getting sick and tired of this pretentious ludicrous you call 'social-networking'. I don't see people interacting in a manner where it cannot be carried out through the material world. Also, I want to clearly state that I'm talking about the people who waste countless hours on the internet on twitter, facebook and whatnot; not people signing off million-dollar business deals or updating oneself on the stock market.

The past few months has been an eyeopener. To step away from the fog of utter nonsense of today's "communication" through the internet, I can see clearly the intentions of your 'tweets' and 'wall posts'. Sad to say, only a handful seemed relevant.

Call me harsh, but these are my two cents. Object if you may as everyone is entitled the freedom to judge. I speak from observation and experience and somehow, I need to share this with you. Be it a revelation or a rant, I'll try to interpret my thoughts as subtly as possible.

Now, I'm sure everyone has been through scrolling down your news feed searching in vain for something to spark your interest. I sure have and every time I did this, I feel like a chunk of my life has been stolen from right under my nose. My news feed is flooded with people scribbling on each others' walls, random sentences to expose one's current emotion (but not revealing too much as comments urging them to spill is greatly expected), and most of all, CLAIMING INDIVIDUALITY OF THEMSELVES.

Oops sorry my caps lock likes to act up when im typing the truth.

Facebook gives an individual a vast creative space where they can express themselves, and sometimes, I think its toying with our very mentality. On many of the profiles in the description box, there's always a "I'm not who you think I am", "Don't judge me because you don't know me" and "I'm different".

1. People claim that they shouldn't be judge as others don't know who they are. However, they overexpose themselves with posting every detail of their life from breakfast to relationship issues, whether directly or subliminally. So, first you're telling me that I don't know you, therefore shouldn't judge you THEN you broadcast who exactly you are on facebook. People judge, its human intuition. You can't just TELL them not to judge and expect your wishes to be granted. And er... okay? Why are you telling me what you are? Why are you so quick to judge yourself? There is a chance you land yourself in a predicament where you decide the person you were advertising on your profile page is not who you want to be.

2. Yeah we all know you're different, you're weird and aliens would probably keep you as pets. But really? People are so obsessed with being "different" and "weird", they go all lengths to prove it! I know a handful who clearly states that they are. Sure, everyone is special. Everyone's got talents and interests but this obsession with trying to be different is turning into a norm. Isn't this situation all too paradoxical? Everyone sticks out from the crowd, until there is no more a crowd to stick up from and then you're back to square one. Just another one in a crowd.

3. The nonsense you people write on each others' walls! Sometimes its hard to actually believe what I'm seeing. People actually have such vehement conversations just to publicize themselves in a manner all too "subtle". Conversations of discussions from boys to the type of whatever they like spreads like wildfire and everyone wants to be a part of it. Thus, commenting is born. Why do I want to know what you and Ms. Obvious had for lunch at Pavilion after this super awesome movie in a theater flooded with hot guys for? Save me the hassle of SKIPPING this irrelevant information off my new feed, thank you. They created applications for this sole purpose. Instant messaging. Keep private conversations private and for the sake of this world, don't accuse someone of stalking you when you're broadcasting your whereabouts in such a way you might as well yell your location over a megaphone.

4. "She copied me because she knows I'm cool. I know I'm cool and I don't want anyone to be like me, but obviously I can't tell her not to be like me. That's like totally bitchy. I'm just gonna keep and eye out and tell everyone else that she's a carbon copy of... me" Sound familiar? Probably not as you are now trying to analyze yourself to see if you fit the description. You do, but you deny it in haste. We all know a pompous cock like that, sometimes the person happens to be in the mirror. So when your trademark good-bye or genre of music that only you listen to (how odd as a song at some degree of fame will make it to the internet where EVERYONE can access) has been 'stolen' by someone, you start pissing all over your property claiming you had it 'first'. Tell me, where did you get it from again? That's right, the internet. No one started anything first. Unless you invented electricity.


May 29, 2010

Ride his pulse and you forget

These past few weeks has been a shit-induced roller coaster ride.

Till then.

May 8, 2010

If you were Kristy...

The worst thing that happened to you today was the PSP running out of battery in the middle of owning a GP in burnout. *RAGGEEEE*

I thought about updating my blog yesterday morning but all my thoughts flew out the window when a small yet maniacal mosquito/fly insect thing decided to look for refuge in one of my nostrils. For a fraction of a second, I was just so disoriented. I choked on my breath because I fear if I inhaled, the insect would go in further. So I stopped whatever I was doing and just stood there, hoping that the insect would realize its idiocy and fly out. Maybe it did, I don't know but the whole day, I felt like there was something stuck up my nose. Probably implanting a mind control chip in my brain or worse.

Geez why am I telling you this?

Anyway, I was having a conversation with Justin the other day after watching the whole season 1 of Ugly Betty.

Justin : What's the indian girl's name?

I was trying to recall if there even WAS an indian girl in the show.

Kristy : What indian girl?

Justin : The fat one.

Kristy : What fat indian girl?

Justin : NEHHHH the one that likes Ignacio.

Kristy : OH. She's not Indian. Not all black people are indian, Justin. She's African-American. Her name is Constance.

If only the world were that easy where all black people are indians, all white people are american and all yellow-skinned monsters are chinese. And now he thinks all black people are African-American. It's like his new favourite word or something.

"You ride that squishy train!"

I have a party to go to.

Till then you crazy kids.

April 23, 2010

So you think you're cool huh

Oh gosh. I think this post has been long overdue. It's about Facebook! Yeah I know you crackheads have been expecting this shit from me, especially from me and you're just holding your big pile of anticipation right under your collective bosoms.

Ah yes, Facebook. The name itself is a mystery, much less the people who use it. Why Facebook? I had the weirdest visual when I first heard it on the radio somewhere. I mean, we had Friendster in the good ol' days which I have an account on (no I am not linking it) but after sometime, some chinese with tits for a brain decided it was cool to post up pictures of themselves cutting their wrists like moronic suicidal failures. No, seriously. It's not cool to show people what you spend your time doing using that sad excuse for a brain. How you take pictures of only your big cute eyes and none of your face. Why would I wanna look at pictures of eyes? Especially when you get a little too happy with your black eyeliner. And what's with the bleeding wrists? Dude, if you really want hits on your profile, a picture of your attempting suicide by shoving jellybeans and bleach down your throat with a fork have a much better chance compared with a picture of you with a bleeding wrist. It's such a vagina thing to do.

So Friendster I view no more.

Anyway, back to the topic. I succumbed into the pressure of having high-school friends and made myself an account to see what's the hype about. I mean, I heard of people actually staying up all night just to see updates on their friends. How caring! :)

Yeah so at first, when you don't have a lot of people to stalk, or what they call friends, its really boring. As in REALLY boring. All I did was stare at my profile and the only thing I had in my mind was WHATAFACK AM I DOING? Uh huh but it gets better because there are fan pages. Oh how I love the fan pages. Its actually very entertaining to watch your friends 'Become A Fan' of the RANDOMEST things.

Here's one I just had to laugh at:
*Looks in freezer, "OMG ICE CREAM!! ;D", *opens, "W.T.H? CHICKEN? D:<.."

Sure there are other stupid ones that can only be a product of a pre-pubescent hormonal 13 year old that puzzles me. Why would you want to become a fan of something like THAT? *RAGE* Like, "Saying it's fine when I'm not". How can you actually be a fan of THAT? Basically, you're just advertising how often you lie. Now, when I want to express my concern to someone I have to think twice because he/she just became a fan of saying it's fine when they're not.

"Stop teasing Justin Bieber. She has feelings too" This is so bull. Maybe I'm being biased because his songs are painfully catchy but come on. He ain't that bad. He's young and enjoying his life. Just because you fail at whatever he's doing doesn't mean you have to hate. There are always other things you can do like using your powerful foreign language skills to become a dishwasher at some fancy hotel.


Till then.

April 21, 2010

I am recycling emotions

There's one thing I really enjoy doing which is torturing myself watching old school romantic movies. I will sit on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a box full of tissues, anticipating the sob moments where I will cry my eyes out as I relate my life with theirs. I should feel shitty after crying over some poor sap's pathetic love life which is fictional but oddly, I'll feel really glad. Just happy. Just as simple as that... happy.

These movies really make you think.
So do sappy love songs.

Till then.