December 30, 2009

His way of "Are you OK?"

Yesterday, I had a terrible headache. The kind where your head wants to split open. I was on the bed, holding my poor head in agony. Justin saw me.

Me : My head hurts!
Justin : ... Can you dance?
Me : WHAT?

So yeah Merry Christmas, Happy New Year bla bla, the usual.

Till then.

December 15, 2009


Aaaaarrr hunching over a monopoly board for four hours, playing with two rambunctious little boys (also known as brother and his friend) really takes a toll on your neck. Hah, no I'm not a pedophile.

I changed my layout (again) because I was tinkering with the codes for two blogs at five in the morning and I messed up. I lost the codes for everything and I was so bloody sick of looking for another layout online because its either 'emo black girl' layout, 'super pink girl layout' or some boy band on it. How do you like zis one? :D

I enjoy my big-ass tagboard. It makes yelling at people a lot more fun.

Till then.

December 13, 2009


I wonder why people enjoy flashing their obsessions? Oh you get that a lot on blogs. I like this.. I like that.. Point one, no one really cares if you like them, much less why. Its such a waste to know that 89% of my 17' screen gets pissed with many pointless essays that reflect your bone-dry personality, a large amount of unoccupied space of pixels and jumpy widgets that make your blog looking a lot more charming because you know it isn't. You never know if your readers have photo epilepsy. I get carpal tunnel just spending half my life scrolling down blogs. Do you know what's worse that reading a text with font the size of a microbe? Reading a product from an imbecile with font the size of a microbe that has zero basis. I feel conned just reading your stupid "blogs".

Are you trying to make a statement by announcing the world the kind of music you like? Geez people are just SOOOOOO territorial about everything! You put a damn music player on your 'blog' (with no STOP THE FUCKING SHIT button) just so you can piss on it before any of your friends do. It's like an indirect way of making a permanent engravement to all the other people out there that you're 'cool' because you listen to crap no one else does. Reality check, morons. No one really cares. Sorry to rain on your parade that plays rock/pop/kpop/jpop/hip hop/rap/techno and other genres I have no interest in finding out. People want to read a blog, not to be damned in hell.

I am, also, oddly surprised by how bloggers can describe every teensy detail of their lives in their blogs. I mean, just reading it feels like staring into an immaculate white shirt. They write about how 'emo' they are about their boyfriends and crap, how they enjoyed doing this and that and this and that at the mall with their friends, how they hate this bitch and that bitch but are too pussy to actually confront them, how pretty this, how cute that... oh damn the list just goes ON.

Its going to be five in the morning and my body feels like lead. I think its time to sleep, says mom.

Till then.

December 10, 2009

Poopy Hands

I actually really hate staying up late. I just can't help myself.

Well, I've been checking out other blog hosting sites. I'm getting really sick of blogger. So, I rather not bore you by listing out everything that's lousy about blogger which you should already know because I know many people uses this shitpile. So if you have a brain, use it. Let it not become a mass of a type of normally brown excrement. Saves me a lot of explanation.

Talking about brown excrement, I'm beginning to doubt the people managing this neighborhood I live in is doing nothing but suck on lollies all day. Why? They allow dogs to walk around the park and we ALL know dogs like to leave a little present behind. They're also very smart, hiding it somewhere between tall, uncut weeds, next to a pile of mud of the same colour.

Before I persist, let me thank the universe for allowing such unfortunate events drop in my hands.


I kicked the soccer ball towards my brother. His Kate Moss legs couldn't keep up with the velocity of the ball that suffered my power kick and the ball went rolling into some overgrown weeds. I ran after it and picked it up only to know my fingers grazed across a soft textured, sort of doughy, matter. It could only be two things; mud or crap. I crossed my fingers, PRAYING that it wasn't the latter. But well, it wasn't a good day. No. The universe has its way of putting shit in my hands. Thanks.

It doesn't matter what you believe in. Master Chief has explained it all. Epic video about the immense universe and God. LOLOLOLOL.

Last night my brother decided to keep up with mah cool by staying up late and watching House with me. As expected, he got hungry.

Justin: Are you hungry?

Me: No, are you?

Justin: Quite... I feel like having McDonalds.

Me: I can't get McDonalds for you NOW.

Justin: I feel like having cheese.

Me: Do you want cheese? (Idk why I asked. Just to entertain his lengthy whining about food.)

Justin: Do you?

Me: Huh? No.

Justin: Then me too.

Me: Do you want cheese or not?

Evetually (after the LOOONG contemplating), we went downstairs to get some of his barbeque flavored cheese. It was two in the morning, which meant we had to tip our toes down the stairs and whisper.

Justin : We're acting like robbers. *snicker*

We are not acting like robbers. We just don't want to wake the whole house up!

Well, you can't blame him. He doesn't get lotsa after-midnight action, if you get what I mean.

I'm going to do some other shit until I fall asleep now.

Till then.