July 30, 2009

No relation.

I find it utterly hilarious, that our school is closed down.

July 29, 2009

We were all assigned to write an essay about a dead cat. Our imaginary dead cat. One, I never had a cat. Though there are stray cats outside my house, never felt anything when they went missing. I mean, how much can someone write about their poor dead cat?

I wrote about seven paragraphs. When I was done, I was all 'What the fuck did I just write in my essay?' So, I re-read it. And DAMN, I made it sound like it was the end of the world. Maybe it's because I don't overreact over a dead animal, but my English teacher couldn't care less.

Argh. I've been doing jackshit the whole day. Stupid dead cat essay. And it's name is Momo. Who in the right mind would name an animal Momo? Sounds like a stripper name. A very hairy stripper. Disgusting. I can't believe I just typed that out.
Have you ever experience those 'wtf' moments? You know, when someone tells you something so unrelated to whatever you guys normally talk about, you'd just go WHATTHEFACK?!

I get that all the time.

'Eh, Kristy. There's an acne on my ass and I'm sitting on it.'

Not telling who said that. Masing-masing tauuuu. :P

July 27, 2009

One of my favourite villains by Marvel.


So, Rachel came home from work and told be about her day. She overheard a conversation between a mother and her young child. A noisy young girly she was, running around the store, making noise and what not.

Her mother took a pair of boots and tried it on.

Girly : Mom! You look like a cow... c-o-w... CAO ... Uh.. cowww (struggles pathetically).. Cow..

Mother : Cowgirl, honey. It's cowGERL.

I could only imagine the humiliation. First, your daughter called you a cow, although unintentionally, if you couldn't see her struggling face, it would be so believeable. And the volume of her VOICE to add to the wound.


Have you guys seen the new 50 Ringgit note? Isn't it so insanely hideous? I mean, take a look at the bloody Hibiscus. DAMN IT. Idiots!

The petals are square and in the ugliest shade of red. That will probably be the most ugly and pathetic looking hibiscus I have and will ever see in my entire lifetime. And it's our national currency.

And do you know what it looks like? It looks like a freakin' rug. With its horrible patterns and swirly things. It looks like something you'd step on in a barber shop. And it's our national currency. Ugh.

Don't even get me started on the back of the note.

Moving on,

I want you all to listen to this song. HAHAHA. :D

Till then, my ugly friends.

July 25, 2009

I am so insanely bored, it's a crime. Argh! I re-read all my Wordpress posts and all I thought about was how much I could CRAP.

I lost that ability. Sigh.

Moving on, I remember reading Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game. I kept a small piece a paper in between the pages so I could write down bombastic words my incapable-of-big-words brain couldn't understand. I felt like the biggest noooob ever. Argh. If only dictionaries aren't ridiculously heavy, I'd actually carry one around.

So, I thought I lost that piece of paper.

Oh my God! Now you wont get that chance to screw people with big words.

Ha-ha. I found it. No, actually, it more like appeared on my table out of nowhere. Odd. But then again, it gave me something to do. Google 'em. Google is my friend. :D

So I gewgled them. And googled and more googling. Lolololol.

And do you know there's this thing called Bing?

Yeah. It's like the new Google. Execpt noobier. You know how them nerds go 'I'm going to Google it now', right? It sounds right. Imagine if they go 'I'm going to Bing this word'

It. Sounds. Horrible. It ruins the whole DYNAMIC! Bing? WHAT THE FUCK IS BING? Sounds like some asian pornstar pornname. Hi, I'm Bing.

Say, Google. G-O-O-G-L-E. The name itself fucking pwns. Stupid Bing-ers. Can you imagine if you had to Bing your way through highschool? Because I googled as long as I can remember. Then BAM! I'll have to Bing them big words.

'I'm going to Bing chatelaine now'.

It sounds wrong. Sounds like some horse on sheep action. It's WRONG. Bing is stupid. Google owns. Lol.



Some crooked mouth there.

I can't believe I slept for 14 hours straight. I don't even know how I did it. Normally I would wake up starving in the middle of the night. But all this sleep got me thinking. That's good, right?

I've been thinking about all you people. We used to be friends. We haven't talked in months. I mean, yeah la I understand that situations causes things to change. We don't even talk to each other anymore. You can't say that I didn't try because I sure as hell did. I'm not angry, I'm just having a hard time accepting it.

Yeah I've been thinking about all the stupid things we did. I ended up dreaming about it. C'mon 14 hours of sleep, man. I had shitloads of dreams. i just don't remember it all. It's so early in the morning, I have nothing to do. I lost my appetite (which is weird cause it hardly happens) and I'm just sitting here, blogging.

I feel so stoned man. Sleeping for 14 hours feels like I lost a chunk of my life. Normally I'll only have 4 t0 5 hours of sleep during the weekdays.

Sigh. I'm going to read a bunch of listverse now.

July 24, 2009

Sabrina claims I'm not friendly.

Let me clear the air here! I am probably the most friendliest person you will ever meet in your entire meaningless and bleak life.

Okay scratch that. But I AM friendly. Very, very friendly. I just don't spend a lot of time 'looking' for 'friends'. It doesn't mean I am unfriendly.



I can't believe I used 'friendly' so many times. But I made my point. Goodbye.

I am as friendly as Frangipani flowers.
This is a fucking bad ass cover of George Michael's Careless Whisper.
There's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find.

Till then.

July 22, 2009

I just felt like posting again. It's not a sin but if you're bored, I guess I'm doing us both a favour eh? :P

Watch this video. I don't care if you like KSE or not, just watch it and learn how to pickle emo kids and how to consume their nutritional value.



Here's what happen on Monday. Enlarge please.

Here's God of War 2's theme song to add to the drama. :D

Btw, I know I spelt 'Simpson' wrong. Don't get dramatic over it.

Till then.

July 18, 2009

It's the weekend!

Probably the only time I get to act like an ass around the house. The weirdest thing happen to me yesterday. I dreamt that Vanessa and I were argueing over something so pathetic, it almost annoyed me to death. I actually laughed when I woke up.

So I told her the next morning.

The thing is, she dreamt of me too.

Kristy: We were like scolding each other 'maderfucker' and all! I dreamt that you cursed with words I didn't even know existed.

Too bad I don't remember it.

Vanessa : HAHAHA! I dreamt of you too! You got watch the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? You know what is.. is... i s . . . organism?

Kristy : Oh, noo. Organism?

Vanessa : No, not organism! Org.. Or.. or-ga-sm?

Kristy : ORH. Yeah why? O_O

Vanessa : Yeah laaa. I asked you what is the meaning in my dream. And you explain to me in detail. Like so scientifically. You said 'need to play with vagina blablaa...'


Kristy : Hahahaha. Why am I such a nerd even in dreams?


Till then.

July 9, 2009

First and foremost, I present to youuuuuu...

The idiot box.

Try NOT to think of a pink polka-dotted, one-legged, elephant.

If you did, CONGRATULATIONS! You are mediocre.

If you didn't, you've just proven yourself mentally incapable of imagination.


July 8, 2009

Oh yeah, it just came to me.

Saturday, 4th of July, I attended Promtay. I know, I know. You guys can rant about how old I am later. Thing is, what I remembered most was that little curb at the main entrance that cursed most girls with embarrassment.

I'll admit, I tripped on it too. But HOTDAMN, it was SOO funny when you see girls all sophisticated and poised STUMBLE forward! Their faces were priceless. :D

Seriously, there should be a warning there. It was dark, so people couldn't see it. Just imagine them girls in their heels strutting out the door and BAM! Their hands fly upward and their eyes the size of moons with their perfectly painted lips shaped of an 'O'.




And the most common one...


Till then.

A tribute to the King, Michael Jackson. Dedicated to all MJ fans.

July 6, 2009

Tecktonik is so friggin' insane. How do you move like that?

The best part is, Jeffery can so insanely dance like that. I was all WTF?

Till then.

July 2, 2009


My neck feels like lead. Ughhhh. If blogger had some kinda drawing tool. I hate trying to describe my days through drawings in AP and then upload it. If only I was better with words.

But you can't read my emotions through reading my blog, can you?

No you can't unless I flood my page with :D :( :O >;( >;D :) :\ D:

Which isn't cool man.

No way, Jose.

SO. Whatcha up to?

Till then.