February 28, 2009

I've finally got my external hard drive, yo!

THANK YOU EE-EE! I love you. :D

I'm currently transferring files, photoshopping, chatting, eating Konyaku jelly and having a conversation with my beloved aunt. I will post a real post when I have the time.

Till then.

February 23, 2009

Because I just like to waste my time.

I have nothing to blog about and I'm just typing for the sake of posting. Gosh. I'll just post you a picture.

This is Alex. Yes, I'm sure you've noticed his hair. You know, the whole BeeGees thing going on. xD

Anyway, I honestly forgotten how we met but I think it's through MSN. I wouldn't stop teasing him about his 'lovesensation' nickname. Haha, classic. Alex is being an ass because he's moving to Australia and ditching me here. Yeap, he has this power to make people go suicidal. Why? Because I won't be getting free donuts or teh tariks anymore. SCREW YOU! SCREW YOUUU! :(


February 22, 2009

I freakin' drew a gramophone! HAHA. Never knew I could've done it.

So, I was having a conversation with Girl1.

Girl1: Mooses.

Me: Huh?

Girl1: What's the plural of moose? Meese? Moosai? Mooses?

Me: Wth is a Moosai?

So yes, to all you fellers who think the plural of Moose is any of the above, it's actually Moose. Moose is both singular and plural. Okay go drink more chicken essence. :D

February 20, 2009


Just needed to let it out.

I've been thinking lately and realize that some people are nothing but a bunch of pompous airheads.

Once again, Just needed to let it out.

Let me tell you what happened today. Some teachers claim to be absolutely superior. When I come to think about it, all they do is play the 'teacher' card without taking students' feelings into consideration. Just because you are a teacher, doesn't mean we have to silence ourselves foolishly. We all have opinions and just because you don't want something pointed out so boldly, you say 'Are you the teacher, or am I?'

I mean, can you even hear yourself? Do you realize how irrational you sound? You were the one who teaches us to be open minded while receiving comments/opinions but you selfishly set such an example where you turn your back on your own words for your students. Do you actually see how hypocritic you are?

You even spit out words to shatter a student's self-esteem on purpose just for your satisfaction. You ask why she didn't attend sports practice not because you are concern of her well being but because you just wanted an opportunity to show your dominance. Without thinking twice, you exaggerated on your comment. We all have excuses, but it's not like you would want to accept it. If you will not consider a student's excuse, why did you ask for it in the first place?

You think you know everything, but you're just another selfish, inconsiderate and foolish person.

How many people here has less that 10 friends? I do, but their more than enough.

You asked me why don't I have many friends and I reasoned it out but you looked at me like I was an outcast. Seriously? How old are you? Say, 50? I don't like keeping a big circle of friends because I like keeping stuck ups like you away. 50 years old and you don't even understand why I don't want various types of people in my presence. I'm guessing you're foolish enough to keep the assholes around you, just so you'd have more 'friends'. I don't blame you though. You're just another 50 year old 'teacher' who is recently divorced.

Geez, I need painkillers. Lots of it. Truckloads of it, to be exact.

February 17, 2009

Dudeee. I need a freakin'massage right about now. I was practically forcing my eyelids open just to get through the day and what a long long day it was. I want to watch so many effin' movies, I don't know if my wallet can take it.

Anyway, as many of you know, life's as sour as lemons sometimes. You know the saying; "If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." The thing is, no one teaches you how. How much water does it require? How many teaspoons of sugar? Chilled or room temperature? They don't even tell you to share that bloody glass of lemonade.
Point is, life sucks at this moment. But maybe I don't want it any other way.

I mean, hey. It could be worse.

Or can it?

"When life gives you lemons, you make guava juice, throw the lemons and your neighbours and wonder how you did it."

All this lemonade talk is making me thirsty.

Till then.

February 14, 2009

I'm not big on the whole Valentine's Day thing but here's a song I dedicate to a dear friend of mine. Hope you're reading this, poppit. :D

I personally think Outkast is an awesome band. And Andre smothers any flippin' emo out there.

Outkast - Roses

See Caroline all the guys would say she's mighty fine
But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time
And the other half either got you cursed out, or coming up short
Yeah, now dig this, now even though
You'd need a golden calculator to divide
The time it takes to look inside and realize that
Real guys go for real down to Mars girls

I know you'd like to thank your shit don't stank
But lean a little bit closer
See that roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo
Yeah, roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo

See she's the reason for the word "bitch"
I hope she's speeding on the way to the club
Trying to hurry up to get to some
Baller or singer or somebody like that
And try to put on her makeup in the mirror
And crash, crash, crash.. into a ditch! (Just Playing!)
She needs a golden calculator to divide
The time it takes to look inside and realize that
Real guys go for real down to Mars girls, yeah!

Well she's got a hotty body, but her attitude is potty
When I met her at a party she was hardly acting naughty
I said "Shorty, would you call me?" She said "Pardon me, are you ballin'?"
I said "Darling, you sound like a prostitute pausing"
Oh so you're one them freaks, get geeked at the sight of an ATM receipt
But game been peeped, dropping names she's weak
Trickin' off this bitch is lost
Must take me for a geek a quick way to eat
A neat place sleep, a rent-a-car for a week, a trick for a treat
Now go on the raw sex, my AIDS test is flawless
Regardless, we don't want to get involved with all them lawyers
And judges just to hold grudges in a courtroom
I wanna see ya support bra not support you!

Better come back down to Mars
Girl, quit chasin' cars
What happens when the dough get so low
Bitch, you ain't that fine
No way.. no way.. no way

And please, when I say someone, it doesn't necessarily have to a female. Geez, I'm not a hater and I don't hate on people. I just really like the song. It's also suitable for Valentines. Ha.

By the way, Francois taught me how to say 'Happy Valentine's Day' in French:
Bonne St Valentin!


Till then.

February 13, 2009

I thought about whether to allow selected readers to view my blog or just leaving it open for public. But considering how annoyed I get signing in over and over again just to few certain blogs, I think I'm just going to make this for everyone's eyes.

I was asked today, 'Why do you injure yourself everytime you enter the workshop? This is like the second time.' And I thought, second time? Cause I filed my skin while filing a piece of wood. Then, she reminded me how I got hardware glue all over my hands. Oh yes, I remember it like it was yesterday because it hurt a whole damn lot. Washing your hands with thinner isn't cool as well.

Anyway, I asked Alex;

Why do men like to follow random girls they don't know around? Or better yet, approach them with their stupid antics? I mean, do they get satisfaction by looking at their 'wtf' faces?
Or do they just like the attention given to them by "chics", so they label the other sex.

If you have an answer, just comment. I'm a girl, hence, this burning curiousity isn't going away without some help.

Also, if you're wondering what Alex answered;

"you ONLY do that

when youre intersted in one person

if youre not

youre simply just weird"

So, I guess a huge part of the male population is weird. I'm not being a sexist. Just curious. Maybe cause sometimes I wonder what I'd be like if I were born a boy. Hmm. Let's see, no freakin' menstrual cramps, no long phone calls, I'll be able to look fit faster with the help of testosterones pumping through and through.


Till then.

February 12, 2009

"Let go of the scrotum, Amelia!"

Uhh, yeah. That's what Pn. Raja said during Science.

Anyway, since I was a kid, I have this nasty habit of applying glue all over my hand, waiting for it to dry and then rubbing it off. I like the way I look like I'm shedding skin. I have to admit. I was a sick kid. I mean, I ate paper, rolled around a golf course like a retarded lawn mower, drank 'Ribena' which actually was tap water mixed with the purple pigments of some kind of, you guessed it, purple plant. The list goes on!

That was a few very disturbing years ago, so, keeping a distance from me isn't necessary anymore.

My friends have successfully made me gag continuously all the way back to class after lunch break. Jia Wei had to go and tell me all the random shit you can find in your food, for example, a 10sen coin. I MEAN WTF? Do you know how many people touch the same 10sen coin a day? Hundereds, and you have no idea what they do with their fingers daily. Then Shanny just had to tell me about how the food was poorly prepared. The oil, the dirt, the cooks.

I'm not going to buy fried rice, or any food for that matter, from the canteen anymore.

Man, I feel like I'm missing out and missing people. A lot of them.

Imma go HYPERCANE on yo face!

Till then, you junebugs.

February 10, 2009

ALSO, have you noticed yesterday's and tonight's moon? Yeah, it's red in colour. I just looked it up *google is a life saver* and found out that it's called a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. On 9th February 09, the first of the four penumbral lunar eclipses in 2009 took place and it is also the deepest of the four.

Two solar and four lunar eclipses occur in 2009. Details are as follow :
* 2009 Jan 26: Annular Solar Eclipse
* 2009 Feb 09: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
* 2009 Jul 07: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
* 2009 Jul 22: Total Solar Eclipse
* 2009 Aug 06: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
* 2009 Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse

Source: Wikipedia, News.Puggal.Com

Coolio, no? Anyway, no more posts for today. Hah.

Oh yes, and if you're interested in reading my older posts, it's http://kristycatastrophe.wordpress.com/. I'll be posting here from now on!
I have to say, I'm pretty pleased to move back to Blogger. Maybe it's because Wordpress doesn't allow me to add a cBox and not everyone has a Wordpress account to comment on my posts. So, oh well. :D

I'll get rid or the screwy picture at the top left as soon as possible. I know, it looks bad. I'm just searching for a suitable picture to replace it.

Remember to leave a message in my cBox whenever you can. I miss the thing getting flooded all the time.

Till then, you crazy chicks.