April 23, 2010

So you think you're cool huh

Oh gosh. I think this post has been long overdue. It's about Facebook! Yeah I know you crackheads have been expecting this shit from me, especially from me and you're just holding your big pile of anticipation right under your collective bosoms.

Ah yes, Facebook. The name itself is a mystery, much less the people who use it. Why Facebook? I had the weirdest visual when I first heard it on the radio somewhere. I mean, we had Friendster in the good ol' days which I have an account on (no I am not linking it) but after sometime, some chinese with tits for a brain decided it was cool to post up pictures of themselves cutting their wrists like moronic suicidal failures. No, seriously. It's not cool to show people what you spend your time doing using that sad excuse for a brain. How you take pictures of only your big cute eyes and none of your face. Why would I wanna look at pictures of eyes? Especially when you get a little too happy with your black eyeliner. And what's with the bleeding wrists? Dude, if you really want hits on your profile, a picture of your attempting suicide by shoving jellybeans and bleach down your throat with a fork have a much better chance compared with a picture of you with a bleeding wrist. It's such a vagina thing to do.

So Friendster I view no more.

Anyway, back to the topic. I succumbed into the pressure of having high-school friends and made myself an account to see what's the hype about. I mean, I heard of people actually staying up all night just to see updates on their friends. How caring! :)

Yeah so at first, when you don't have a lot of people to stalk, or what they call friends, its really boring. As in REALLY boring. All I did was stare at my profile and the only thing I had in my mind was WHATAFACK AM I DOING? Uh huh but it gets better because there are fan pages. Oh how I love the fan pages. Its actually very entertaining to watch your friends 'Become A Fan' of the RANDOMEST things.

Here's one I just had to laugh at:
*Looks in freezer, "OMG ICE CREAM!! ;D", *opens, "W.T.H? CHICKEN? D:<.."

Sure there are other stupid ones that can only be a product of a pre-pubescent hormonal 13 year old that puzzles me. Why would you want to become a fan of something like THAT? *RAGE* Like, "Saying it's fine when I'm not". How can you actually be a fan of THAT? Basically, you're just advertising how often you lie. Now, when I want to express my concern to someone I have to think twice because he/she just became a fan of saying it's fine when they're not.

"Stop teasing Justin Bieber. She has feelings too" This is so bull. Maybe I'm being biased because his songs are painfully catchy but come on. He ain't that bad. He's young and enjoying his life. Just because you fail at whatever he's doing doesn't mean you have to hate. There are always other things you can do like using your powerful foreign language skills to become a dishwasher at some fancy hotel.


Till then.